Trout Fishing
on mythical river Nives
of the Basque Country

Yvon Zill is a fishing guide instructor in the Basque Country, a specialist in Tenkara since 2011.
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Guided by passion

Yvon Zill is a fishing guide instructor and specialist in Tenkara. It is in the Basque Country, in landscapes of majestic wild beauty, that he practices fishing and guides his clients for over 10 years.

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Fishing territory

Made up of almost 400 km of banks classified as salmonids, and with a wide variety course, the Basque Nives will delight fishermen whatever their level or their physical capacities. The mild climate and regular rainfall allow to practice trout or salmon fishing from March to September without big risk of snowmelt or severe drought.

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Activities and rates

Services rates

Not to harm the quality of teaching or fishing, the number of fishermen
that I propose to accompany is voluntarily limited to two (three exceptionally).
Decreasing prices from the 3rd activity, consult me.

Gift vouchers

Guiding - Initiation- proficiency course - for a half day.
4 hours fishing.

1 person 145 €

2 persons

115 € / person

Guiding - Proficiency course - complete day.
8 hours fishing.

1 person 240 €

2 persons

170 € / person

Day fishing on the footstep of Ernerst Hemingway
Between 8 to 9 hours fishing on the rio Irati in Spanish Navarra, Picnic and drinks include (local products).
Only in May and June (Spanish regulations).
Details and images : Rio Irati, pilgrimage on the footstep of Ernest Hemingway.

1 person 310 €

2 persons

220 € / person

3 persons

180 € / person

New concept : e-guide fishing
Roadmap on paper or in the form of a PDF file sent by email, for a day of fishing, including detailed routes (photos and maps, GPS points), and advice adapted to the hydrological and meteorological conditions of the moment (order by the site web).
Download an example of daily roadmap.

The e-guide fishing roadmap 35 €

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M. Zill Yvon
Maison Biscaya - Quartier Ondarolle - 64220 Arnéguy
Mobile phone : 06 28 37 39 75
N° SIRET : 501 786 065 000 18
APE code : 7490B (main activity)
Insurance RC Pro n° 675047304 (AN3S)