Terms and conditions

Reservation, cancellation and postponement


25% deposit will be required during your reservation to confirm it. The balance will be settled at the end of the service. You will receive an email to inform you of the receipt and validation of your reservation. Regarding Gift Vouchers, the full price of the service will be requested and cashed. The gift voucher is nominative and can only be exchanged after my agreement. This gift voucher will be valid for a duration of one year from the effective settlement. The deposit and / or the entire service must be sent to my name, M. Zill Yvon, at Maison Biscaya - 64220 Arnéguy.


If you cancel your outing :

Cancellation / postponement on my part

I could decide to cancel, postpone or even modify a service if the weather conditions, weather and hydraulics do not allow fishing in good conditions whatsoever for safety reasons, to ensure the quality of the service and / or to practice the fishing activity in respect for fish and aquatic environments.


If for some reason whatsoever, the participant must postpone the date of the course, this is possible with my agreement and in case we find a common date during the same season. The postponement of this date cannot be accepted if it occurs less than 20 days before the date. In this case your deposit will be retained in full.

Accident, illness

About the participant
To justify a last minute postponement or cancellation due to an accident or illness, a supporting document medical / insurance will be requested in order to take into account your postponement / cancellation. In the case of a postponement, we can find a later date during the same season. For cancellation, if it occurs within less than 60 days, everything will depend on the severity of the events to justify or not the reimbursement of the deposit.

Regarding the fishing instructor-guide
Due to an accident or illness preventing me from honoring the service, a later date will be given to you proposed to replace the previously reserved date. Otherwise I agree to reimburse you the totality of the service (or the deposit) if a date cannot be agreed.

Insurance and security


As a professional fishing instructor-guide affiliated to the French Federation of Fishing, I take out professional liability insurance which covers me as part of my activities. The participants will have to take out a civil liability insurance which covers them during the activities related to recreational fishing in a natural environment.


The participant agrees to be in good physical condition allowing him to carry out a sport fishing trip in the natural environment. He must also accept the safety conditions transmitted by the monitor and respect them. The fishing guide-guide may at any time decide to cancel / postpone or modify the place of the course for climatic and meteorological reasons.

Fishing license and migratory tax

Fishing license

The fishing license is a regulatory obligation, even for an initiation day. The participant agrees by taking a fishing service with a guide, to have paid for his fishing license concerning the region in which the activity takes place. You can get a fishing license for the year, the week or the day on the site www.cartedepeche.fr or at a dealer. I can assist you in these steps if necessary.

Migratory tax (for the year on all migratory rivers)

The participant agrees to have acquired the migratory tax and recovered his catch book as well as the ring declaration which must be in your possession for each fishing trip concerning the salmon fishing, even for people wishing to practice "No-kill" or release fish. In any case, I could not be held responsible in the event of a dispute with the services of the AFB.

Deontology, ethics and respect for fish

During the outings with me, the fish caught will have to be released. I consider that the objective of the education that I provide is to acquire technical skills and with a view to discovering or progressing in the capture of fragile wild animals which must be released in the best possible conditions.

Image rights

When you go out, I may take photos and / or videos. The participants agree to grant me the image rights to the photos and videos made during the course. In the otherwise, they must notify me at the start of the service. The participant therefore grants to Mr. Zill Yvon - fishing guide instructor, the right to use all or part of the images and videos made during the outing for its communication media related to its activity. In return, I agree to provide you with all the images / videos (on request) and that the use of the media does not in any way affect the privacy of the participants.

Postal address and order of payment

The regulations must be made payable to Mr. Zill Yvon.
And sent by mail to my address:
Mr. Zill Yvon
Biscaya House
64220 Arnéguy